Basically EFFEKTIV Skind Vask can not be misused.  EFFEKTIV Skind Vask can be diluted up to 1:20

Below is given some suggestions on, how to use EFFEKTIV Skind Vask

First: Brush, vacuum or beat the subject to remove loose dirt and dust.

Method 1:
Spray EFFEKTIV Skind Vask on a suitable sponge. Rub it on the subject until foaming stage, then wash with foam and sponge. Wipe excess foam of with a clean cloth.

Method 2:
Pour half a bottle of EFFEKTIV Skind Vask into a suitable sized bowl. Fill with lukewarm water – not hot water – until there is enough to cover the subject. Mix water and EFFEKTIV Skind Vask, and ”handwash” the subject carefully – depending on how sensitive it is.  EFFEKTIV Skind Vask may not be washed out since it contains nutrients needed for leather. Rinse in a portion of water with EFFEKTIV Skind Vask if the subject is not clean enough.

Drying: (common to both methods)
Wrap a few clean towels around and fill with towels or newspapers to keep the subject in the correct shape. For clothing it is important that knees and elbows are corrected. Please note that you must not hang an item of clothing on a hanger while it is very heavy from water. Spin it gently in a washing machine or gently press the liquid out of the clothing without twisting it – place if necessary on a table with towels.

Let it dry without additional heat or sun, nor radiator

Smooth skin:

A:             none
B:             rubbing the leather gently if it seems a little stiff
C:             treat with EFFEKT Leatherbalm when the subject is completely dry and it appears to need further care.

Suede and Nubuck (more options):
A:             none
B:             rubbing the leather gently
C:             brush it with a suitable brush
D:            impregnate with Silver Protector or another flour carbon based agent, not silicone based agents
E:             you can also treat with EFFEKT Leatherbalm if you want a smoother and less sensitive surface, but be aware that the appearance of the leather will change.

A:             none
B:             rubbing the fur gently

Especially concerning leather furniture

Be sure to wash all the furniture. If you do not, you risk getting blotches that never goes away. Be sure to clean in corners too. Wipe away excess foam with a clean cloth.

Let the furniture dry slowly without using additional heat and direct sunlight.

Smooth skin:
A:            none ( if aniline and semianiline leather )
B:             rub the surface with a clean cloth if a “foggy” coating is shown on the surface (it can appear if a “less fortunate” product previously has been used )
C:             Treat with EFFEKT Leatherbalm when the furniture is completely dry if the leather needs it.

Suede and Nubuck:
A:            none
B:             Brush the furniture with a suitable brush  ( E.g. nylon or brass)
C:             If the rough surface is not satisfactory and cannot be brushed up, you can carefully use a clean/new rough kitchensponge or with caution use an appropriate piece of sandpaper

EFFEKTIV Skind Vask cam also remove or diminish inconvenience from previously wrong use of leathercare products or soap flakes.

In case of spots, spilled drinks, urine, vomit or the like on clothing, furniture or other:
Dap away as much as possible with a paper towel or a clean cloth.
To counteract the emergence of blotches or salt rendering that can never be removed: wash immediately with EFFEKTIV Skind Vask  before the stain dries up.
When shoes get wet there is a risk of blothes/salt rendering arising, that can never be removed – to avoid this, spray EFFEKTIV Skind Vask on the wet shoes, so the shoes are wet all over, rinse with EFFEKTIV Skind Vask if the shoes need it, see above.
Be aware of the fact that leather can contain excess dye, and when washing or treating  with any kind of agent, there is a risk that the subject will change appearance. Therefor you should always try any agent on a inconspicuous place before use.