EFFEKT Leatherbalm

EFFEKT Leatherbalm is a care- and cleaning agent for pigmented leather , some semi- anilines , vegetable tanned leather , synthetic leather, rubber and vinyl.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm  is very easy to use and requires no ”elbow grease”.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm cleans the surface of the leather and keeps it soft, because it contains the nutrients that leather needs.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm quickly penetrates the surface and does not need polishing. Since it penetrates the leather, it does not rub off. After a few minutes it is possible to sit on the treated couch without getting stains on your cloths.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm is a waterbased natural product that does not contain organic solvents.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm is very econimcal in use: it does not dry up and do not come off.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm contains the antioxidants needed to prolong the lifetime of the leather.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm has one of its greatest advantages in the treatment of old, faded and crackled leather furniture. In 9 out of 10 cases, the treated object gets the right color back and crackles are usually significantly less visible.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm amplifies the color of the leather. Red becomes more red, green becomes more green,  etc.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm is a product where content is significantly more valuable than the packaging.


What can EFFEKT Leatherbalm not be used for?


Highly absorbent types of leather:

To the following types of  leather should EFFEKT Leatherbalm not be used (without a previous careful test in an inconspicuous place, with a CLEAN sponge)

  • Aniline leather:  see more about this under the menu Leathers
  • Semianiline leather:  see more about this under the menu Leathers
  • Suede: see more about this under the menu Leathers
  • Nubuck:  see more about this under the menu Leathers
  • Sheepskin with and without sealing on the back of the skin = the exterior of the garment

Problematic types of skin:

White colored leather with a thin layer of topcoat (especially if the surface is rough).

Or other very bright colors with thin layer of topcoat

When you believe your shoes or furniture is dirty, it is sometimes a case of abraded topcoating. When this is the case, will application of EFFEKT Leatherbalm make the leather darker. By applying the leatherbalm you are adding moisture to the leather, and the object will appear as tho it has become more dirty. It has not. You can always see on the sponge how dirty the leather was.

If the bright color has worn off, you have 3 options:

  1. discarding the object
  2. live with it
  3. color the object with “paint”/leatherpaint – it can not be done successfully directly after the use of EFFEKT Leatherbalm, it is done best after cleansing with e.g. turpentine or Isopropanol.

A little explanation: EFFEKT Leatherbalm is a very rich nourishment for leather.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm is waterbased.

Leather requires much less quantity of grease than most people think (many think that it is like cooked flounder, the more fat the better)

Leather needs approximately 10 % grease and no more than that. Leather will be more soft, the more grease it gets, but leather will also loose it strength and therefor will be elongated. This is also the case if leather becomes wet. This elongation/extension is permanent.

If you use EFFEKT Leatherbalm on highly absorbent qualities of leather, it will be almost impossible to distribute the product evenly. On brighter colors will the leather darken while its damp. When it dries up will the areas with less  EFFEKT Leatherbalm dry up fastest and you will thus experience a difference in color on the object.

This result is not optimal, but the effect will disappear over time.

On highly absorbent qualities it is also hard to apply the small required amount of  EFFEKT Leatherbalm. This increases the risk of applying more than the leather can “consume”, and the object will feel greasy.

What can EFFEKT Leatherbalm also be used for?

Patent leather shoes often get marks on the sides. It is usually the sole of the other shoe, which impinges when walking. These marks are also removed with EFFEKT Leatherbalm on a clean sponge or cloth. Lacquer absorbs almost nothing, so here should be used less EFFEKT Leatherbalm than normal.

Shoes can also be bought as ”oilskin”, ”oilnubuck” or ”greasy nubuck”. EFFEKT Leatherbalm is perfect for this purpose. Some might think, that the shoes become a little too shiny at first. But after a few moments the shine will disappear, because EFFEKT Leatherbalm quickly penetrates the skin. Please do not treat your oilskin-clothing this way (see below).

If you after prolonged use of EFFEKT Leatherbalm on oilnubuck think that the shoes are too shiny, you can always make it more faint by using a brass brush or a clean nail brush. You can also use fine grained sandpaper or a new and clean kitchen sponge.

Using EFFEKT Leatherbalm and these, you can get the faintness or shine you want.

If you get too much EFFEKT Leatherbalm on your object, you can always wash it off with EFFEKTIV Skind Vask or EFFEKTIV Care & Clean.

Dirty og dull rubber boots can be cleaned with EFFEKT Leatherbalm on a cloth; EFFEKT Leatherbalm leaves the boots clean and shiny.

Footwear from synthetic material, vinyl or plastic often gets boring and dull, sometimes already in the store’s showroom.

EFFEKT Leatherbalm provides a fine sheen on these products.


Furniture of oak, teak and marble: 

Customers have informed us, that they have used EFFEKT Leatherbalm successfully on furniture made of oak, teak and marble.

If you want to test the effect on these materials, you may do so via an trial and error method. We do not have any experience with using our products on these materials.



We have also received information that someone has used EFFEKT Leatherbalm on oilskinclothing successfully:

EFFEKT Leatherbalm is not intended for this purpose, and since all clothing of this type initially is treated with wax, is it possible that EFFEKT Leatherbalm can respond very well with some types of waxes, and not so well with others.