Krukke eller tube EFFEKT

Take a jar or a tube of EFFEKT Leatherbalm


Use the edge of the jar to scrape off the EFFEKT Leatherbalm that sits on the sponge

Brug af EFFEKT

Execute the current job with EFFEKT Leatherbalm. Each time the sponge “runs out” dab again and scrape off as shown earlier.



Hold the jar at a slight angle and dab the sponge slightly


So that only the amount within the pores of the sponge remain.  sidder i svampens porer.

Færdig med EFFEKT

When you are finished using the EFFEKT Leatherbalm rinse the sponge under water. Cold, hot, with soap as needed, to get it clean


There is now a little bit EFFEKT Leatherbalm on the sponge


If you are using EFFEKT Leatherbalm from a tube, this amount is suitable for one shoe

Ren svamp

The sponge squeezes a few times until it is clean. Lastly is squeezes so that the water exits the sponge. When it is completely dry it is ready for use.

Never put the sponge inside the jar!