EFFEKTIV Care & Clean

  • Is a care- and cleaning agent for all leather types
  • Is light transparent (appears slightly yellowish), foaming during use
  • Is a waterbased natural product, which does not contain organic solvents
  • Contains antioxidants that prolong the life of leather
  • Is a very GREEN product
  • Can be very old: it does not dry up and does not come off
  • Can be used for among others aniline, suede, nubuck, vegetable-tanned leather, and fur. It can easily be used on shoes and clothing made from materials like artificial leather, rubber, plastics, fabrics and vinyl
  • Deep cleans the leather while also treating the surface. Even though the sponge or the foam does not appear filthy, EFFEKTIV Care & Clean still removes sweat and pollutants from skin and leather if used regularly
  • Prolongs the lifetime of the leather and keeps it soft, because it contains the nutrients that the leather need
  • Is a lean nutrient and can be used on all known types of leather
  • Has a equalizing effect on irremovable stains. The stain will often be more blurred and thus seem less conspicuous
  • Can be used on “anything” and it is nearly  impossible to use it the wrong way.  Blotches on furniture and salt rendering on shoes can in addition be prevented with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean. Read more about these advantages in Salt rendering and blotches
  • Is a product where the content is more valuable than the packaging
  • Can be used with EFFEKT Leatherbalm and other harmless products

care & clean

EFFEKTIV Care & Clean is available in two sizes:

  • In a 500 ml bottles with a sprayer
  • In a 200 ml bottle with a sprayer


See our guide to maintenance and care for further details on the use of care products.


See instructions for guide to using  Care & Clean


See examples to see before and after pictures of subjects treated with Care & Clean