At EFFEKTIV, we believe that with a little consideration, we can make a big environmentally difference.

In the manufacturing of our products, we have therefore chosen to focus on:

  • Using a minimum of materials and resources in the manufacturing process.
  • Using a minimum amount of energy to the manufacturing process , in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Using materials that require minimal processing to be recyclable.
  • Using environmentally friendly raw materials and packaging wherever possible.
  • Reducing pollution as much as possible
  • Overall, to minimize the environmentally impact.

We encourage our customers to follow our example in their daily life to choose products that:

  • Uses the most environmentally friendly raw materials and packaging
  • Uses minimal amount of energy in manufacturing
  • Requires the least possible raw materials for the production
  • Can be completely consumed and do not require landfills for disposal.
  • Does not use unnecessary energy-consuming manufacturing of packaging.
  • Allows you to recycle packaging
  • Pollute the least possible

It can be hard to remember in a hectic everyday life, and it can be difficult to figure out what to do.
By using EFFEKT Leatherbalm and EFFEKTIV Care & Clean you are helping to protect the environment. You get 2 products that much easier can deal with the same tasks that you would normally need many more products for.