Types of leather

This section describes the different types of leather.

There is, however, not taken into account that while you are reading this, there are people around the world in various tanneries devising new tanning methods and new coloring techniques as well as new agents to treat the surface of the leather.

Likewise, manufacturers of footwear, apparel, belts and bags and others are trying to make unique ​​appearances of their product to enhance their competitive strength.

The footwear may look like it was covered in paste, it may have cracks in the surface that makes it look ancient, it may have surface with stripes, making it look like it was wiped off with a poorly wrung cloth, etc.

These factors make it obviously impossible to categorize all kinds of leather and skins – Specifically regarding surface treatments.

In practice, there is also a smooth transition between many of the leather types.

Fortunately, it is not important whether you know exactly the name or trade name of the leather on your product, it is more important that you understand what properties it has, so you can provide the proper leather care

Which architect has designed the frame of a piece of furniture or made the design, rarely has anything to do with the quality of the leather.