Characteristics: The leather structures and blemishes can be seen quite clearly.

Hair follicles are fully open. Very absorbent. Very soft. Very sensitive to light.

Aniline leather (pure aniline) is dyed with aniline dye. This type of dye is transparent (translucent) like wood stain. You can therefore see the structure of the skin where the animal has had wrinkles and creases. Insect bites, boils, cuts and wounds can also be seen quite clearly, as you can see the knots and veins in a piece of stained wood.

Sections of aniline leather (enlarged)


For pure aniline is used only the very best hides, those who have the fewest or least severe blemishes, ie. that only a small proportion of the total production of leather skin can be used for aniline leather.

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– From animal with different hairs

Pure aniline has basically no surface protection, either in the form of finish coating or topcoat / finishes, and you will with a magnifier be able to clearly see the hair follicles. One sees that they are fully open and not filled or half-filled. However, aniline leather is often factory treated with special wax to give it some protection and a comfortable feel to the touch.

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