Butt leather

Butt leather is vegetable tanned leather

Characteristics: The structures and blemishes of the leather are clearly visible. The surface seems natural / untreated. Hair follicles are clearly visible and open. Strongly absorbent. The color whitish / yellowish can be sensed even when the leather is dyed with other colors. The thickness of this leather can far exceed the thickness of chromium tanned leather (common furniture leather). Somewhat sensitive to light but slightly less sensitive than aniline.

Butt leather is the leather type most commonly used for equipment such as saddles, harnesses, bags, cases and the like. It can be tanned with very different tannins. Both bark , seeds, leaves and roots are used from various plants and trees, for example. oaks.

Butt leather usually have no real surface protection, and is therefore extremely susceptible to spills and sticky fingers.

Butt leather is expensive to manufacture; the tannins are expensive and the process is slow.

Butt leather can be pressed into shape. When it is wet, one can easily press it in to shapes of, for example, knife sheaths, revolver casings etc. One can also stamp characters and letters in the leather, while it is wet.

EFFEKTIV Care & Clean is perfect for making butt leather wet for this purpose, unless you want the leather to be rigid.

One of the reasons why this kind of leather are not very sensitive to light, is that the leather becomes darker from sunlight. (The tannins darkens the leather.)

Butt Leather is treated with EFFEKT Leatherbalm, best of all before the item is used. This is your best option to avoid spills and sticky fingers on these articles. Once you have got spots or blotches on your item, EFFEKTIV Care & Clean can however help to reduce and equalize (smoothen) spots and blotches.

With regular use of EFFEKTIV Care & Clean you can prevent damage from perspiration, cooking oil and the like.