Characteristics: The leather structure can be seen or sensed. You sense a form of surface protection. With a magnifying glass the hair follicles are clearly seen with more or less filling. Can be slightly water-resistant. Quite soft to relatively soft. Different, but overall high sensitivity to light.

Semi-aniline is aniline leather with one or more types of surface protection, which makes the leather more resistant to moisture, dirt and stains than pure aniline leather.

Some qualities have a slight pigmentation (color) on the surface before they are applied surface protection. This pigmentation are often made slightly iridescent to resemble the structure of aniline leather.

The surface protection can be from almost nothing to quite a lot. However, one must assume that manufacturers are trying to get as thin and soft a surface as possible to come closer to the comfort of the pure aniline leather. There are and continues to be developed so many new types of leather and combinations that they are impossible to classify further.

Semi-anilin 1

Semi-anilin 3

Semi-anilin 2


Semi-anilin 4



Semi-is aniline leather / skin can always be treated and cleaned with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean.

With regular use EFFEKTIV Care & Clean can prevent damage from perspiration, cooking oil and the like.

What do you do when you are in doubt about what type of leather you have on your furniture?

Very few people know what type of leather they have on their furniture at home. Fortunately, it is not as important to know what the leather is called as to knowing its properties and its ability to absorb.

It would be nice to know if you spill a little milk in the furniture, whether it will immediately disappear into the leather or if you have time to pick up a piece of paper towel in the kitchen and wipe it clean before it gets absorbed into the leather.

If the leather has high absorbency you can use EFFEKTIV Care & Clean to remove the stain and for preventive maintenance. EFFEKTIV Care & Clean can easily be used on all types of leather.

If the leather is smooth and has low absorbency EFFEKT Leatherbalm can be used.

You can assume that most aniline qualities which are sold today is some form of semi-aniline leather, because pure aniline is very sensitive – actually too sensitive for practical use.