Characteristics: Clearly rough. Small, fine shreds is covering the surface. The back side is rougher than the front. Very Soft. Very absorbent. Highly sensitive to light. (Some colors are extremely light sensitive)

Nubuck is made of the grain side (topside) of the leather. After tanning and dyeing it is sanded, so that it looks like ultra fine suede.

Even though nubuck and suede thus are fundamentally different, they must be treated and cared for the same way.

Therefore you should use EFFEKTIV Care & Clean as with suede.

Instructions can be found here

With regular use EFFEKTIV Care & Clean can prevent damage from perspiration, cooking oil and the like.

Nubuck often contains excess dye, as tanneries today are not able to rinse after dyeing, to the same extent as previously, because of environmental requirements.



“Natural size”


“Slightly enlarged”


“Very enlarged”