Characteristics: Clearly rough. Large fiber shreds is covering the surface. The back side is smooth. Very soft. Very absorbent. Very Light sensitive. (Some colors are extremely light sensitive)

Suede is made from the backside of the skin / leather i.e. the side that faced the meat of the animal which the skin is made ​​of.

Real suede is made from the top layer, the grain layer, which has a fine softness and elasticity, and the thinner it is, the softer, but also the lower breaking strength


The fiber shreds occurs naturally.

When presented with suede, it may be be split leather, i.e. the leather is split into 2 pieces (or 3), of which only the top ,that has the grain (smooth side), is real suede.

The bottom layer (the second layer) may also be used to suede, but this is in fact rough split leather.

The 3rd layer can, however, be quite rigid and is very coarse.


Suede and split leather can be cleaned / washed and cared for with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean.

With regular use EFFEKTIV Care & Clean can prevent damage from perspiration, cooking oil and the like.

See the examples with footwear, clothing, etc.

Suede often contains excess dye, as tanneries today are not able to rinse after dyeing, to the same extent as previously, because of environmental requirements.

“Natural size”


“Slightly enlarged”


“Very enlarged”