Split and Bicast

Is either the second or third layer of a split hide (the outer layer is grain leather)

Split is “suede” on both sides and the bottom side is the coarsest.

We have never seen split leather without surface treatment as upholstery. The surface is however often coated with a synthetic coating that can be embossed in any design.

Split leather that has been applied an artificial grain and coated with a polyeurethan coating or the like is called bicast leather. Bicast leather can not breathe. The surface is a bit like plastic. It has a fair wearability and is stain resistant. However, it is very sensitive to heat. Bicast leather is used for furniture and bags.

Split leather is used for belts, shoes, gloves and clothing.

Combined with, for example. wax it gets the appearance of old dirty hessian or very worn leather.

Split can be treated and cleaned with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean and with EFFECT Leather Balsam you can change the appearance to having a smoother surface.