About leather


Leather and hide can in many ways be compared to regular human skin.

There is no fundamental difference between the ordinary leathers of ox, goat, lamb, pig, kangaroo, moose, etc.
The major differences are among other things found in the strength of the leather.

Leather and hide of ox, goat and kangaroo are among the strongest, one can get.
Sheepskin on the other hand has an incredibly low strength.

Strength values are most important in cases where you use leather for protection, such as motorcycle clothing, safety clothing and footwear.


Furniture is made almost exclusively of ox hides, because it is most suitable for this purpose.
You simply measure the tensile strength by making strips of 1 cm width and see how many pounds they can carry before they break.
Moose hide / leather is oddly enough very weak. Pigskin often gets a “cardboardlike” texture.



Slightly enlarged humanskin


Very enlarged humanskin