Leather furniture, but in particular clothing and footwear made of leather often change appearance.

Every time you treat, clean or care for leather products, you should know that leather often change its appearance.

This is also the case if you do not treat it in any way, but then the appearance often changes in a less fortunate direction.


Most treatments will change the leather

It can change the appearance or characteristics, or both.

When we refer to preventive maintenance, this can in some cases just maintain the characteristics of the leather that is already present.

Finalizing of the newly tanned leather can happen at the tannery – this is usually the case for furniture leather. These types of leather for furniture are usually very stable, even in terms of appearance.

Whereas footwear and clothing, is often given an extra finish by the manufacturer and this finish can have a very short durability.

The manufacturers are continuously attempting to diversify themselves by creating new looks – this includes changing the treatments to obtain new forms of appearance in order to satisfy the upcoming fashion at any given time.

Leather will be finalized very differently. Both tanneries and manufacturers are constantly working to find new means to create new looks for particular clothing and footwear, but also manufacturers of bags are showing great imagination in their final treatment of the leather.

Many of these new surfaces are one-off events. The first time the consumer tries to clean or care with an effective remedy,the appearance will change because the finish comes off or worse: it partially comes off.

The average consumer is not able to get the same effect back.

It may sound strange, but there is used waxes and finishing agents that are not available in the retailing stores, and it is often the combination and sequence of treatment with these agents that provide the special effects.

One should always test either with EFFEKT Leatherbalm or EFFEKTIV Care & Clean in an invisible spot on the item you intend to treat – even if you know our products and have used them for many other things.

These two products must and can be used on many different objects and materials, and the next time you use them, it is perhaps in a new context, the next object might be finished with completely different chemicals than the ones you usually use our products on.

Do not think this issue is related only to the products from EFFEKTIV, on the contrary, our products are much less complicated and much less problematic than any other leather care product.