Clothing with mildew

Mugne svineskindsjakker 003

This jacket has been on in a humid place and is filled with mildew

Muggen svineskindsjakke

It is shown in different areas

Muggen svineskindsjakke

Some places it is very bad

Muggen svineskindsjakke

In order to save the jacket do the following:

Brush all the dry mold with a sponge or brush – if the jacket is still wet, dry it first.

Muggen svineskindsjakke

Prepare wash water of approx. 1/4 liter EFFEKTIV Care & Clean, which is mixed with the required amount of lukewarm water – NEVER hot. The jacket is washed herein by hand


Ren svineskindsjakke

The jacket is now finished and dry. We spun it at 1400 rpm / min. which made the jacket slightly wrinkled. We recommend the lowest speed and drying in towels.