Brugt ulvepels

There is nothing wrong with the fur, but there is a hint of old perfume from the previous owner.

Indersiden af ulvepels

The lining does not require any special attention

Ulvepels i vaskemaskine

The fur takes up much space in a regular washing machine

pels uden vand

The fur does not get totally wet – there is simply not getting enough water into the machine

Vandbad til pels

So a bath of EFFEKTIV Care & Clean  (0,25 l. EFFEKTIV Care & Clean + just enough water, ca. 30 degrees celcius) is prepared

Pels i skind vask bad

The fur is soaked, making the entire fur wet.

Våd pels

After soaking, the fur is washed in the washing machine for 120 minutes at 30 degrees Celsius using EFFEKTIV Care & Clean as detergent and the lowest centrifugal force. Make sure that the machine does not rinse out EFFEKTIV Care & Clean. The result is shown on the picture


Pels til tørre

We hung the fur on a coat hanger in a chilled garage and let it dry slowly. Every now and then we brushed the fur slightly with a brush or our hands.

Be careful during drying. You may not hang a clothing item on a coat hanger if it is very heavy. Centrifuge it in a washing machine or gently press liquid out of it without twisting – if necessary place it on a table with towels.

Ren pels

The result speaks for it self: a beautifully clean fur coat