Slidt nubuck jakke

As new this jacket was rough and greasy like “wildleather”. Now in several places it is smooth from old dirt

Skind Vask bad

Soak the jacket after emptying the pockets for sand and dirt. Use half a bottle of Care & Clean (0,25 l.) in a bowl of cold/lukewarm water

Skind vask bad

Use only the amount of water needed to wash the clothing

Beskidt vand

The water is really dirty. Some of the coloration is probably excess dye from the leather

Skylle vand til jakken

The dirty water is replaced with rinsing water made from the rest of the Care & Clean bottle (0,25 l.)

Nubuck jakken skylles godt

The jacket is washed/rinsed thoroughly

Nubuck jakke

The jacket is placed on a towel on a flat surface (such as a table) and a towel is placed over. The subject must dry slowly without the use of artificial heat (you can shorten the drying time by centrifuging the subject in a clean washing machine WITHOUT the use of rinsing water – it is important that the subject contains EFFEKTIV Care & Clean when it is dry because it makes the leather and skin soft – otherwise it will be stiff).

Flot ren nubuck jakke

The jacket is now dry and ready to use

Beskrivelse af jakke

It turns out that the lining is 100% cotton and the leather is by the manufacturer called “SHEEP NAPPA”

Beskrivelse af jakke

Oops – it must not be washed or cleaned – but we washed it anyway

Inderforet af jakken

Even the lining was nice and clean