Ruskind jakke

This jacket is more than 20 years old

Slidt jakke

Slightly worn from wear (or saturated with dirt)

Slidt jakke

The same problem on the left side of the zipper

Kun kemisk rens

Only for dry cleaning

skind vask bruges

We will try anyway with a bath of EFFEKTIV Care & Clean

olie plet

There is oil paint on the suede

skummet virker

Wash the jacket thoroughly with the foam and water from EFFEKTIV Care & Clean

Skidt i vand

After washing by hand and soaking for half a day, you see that the work is not redundant

Gammelt skidt

You see the dirt on the bottom of the bowl

Fjern olieplet ruskind

We gently remove the oil paint with a sharp knife, while the leather is completely soaked with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean  – you also see scraped off paint at the bottom

Ren ruskind jakke

We hang the jacket up to dry in a garage. A garage is good too avoid sunlight while drying. However it is more gentle to wrap the jacket in towels and place it on a table while drying.