Butt leather / Vegetable tanned leather

ubehandlet læder

This chair has been used very little and fortunately the leather is still without stains and blotches

Behandling med EFFEKT

We protect and treat the chair with EFFEKT Leatherbalm


When EFFEKT Leatherbalm is applied you see that the leather gets slightly darker

Flot med EFFEKT

A moment later the chair is ready to use – EFFEKT Leatherbalm do not come off on cloths

ubehandlet læder

Here is a chair of vegetable tanned leather – one of the more expensive ones. It is NOT treated with EFFEKT Leatherbalm. If it had been treated with EFFEKT Leatherbalm, the entire chair could have looked like the backrest does now.

ubehandlet læder

Vegetable tanned leather absorbs like absorbent paper and has different characteristics than regular leather (Chronium tanned leather). Now the owner has to call it “patina” and live with it or discard the furniture all together.

EFFEKTIV Care & Clean can improve the appearance somewhat – depending on what the stains consists of.