Gammel Cowboysaddel

The saddle has been stored for several years and has become very dusty

Gammel cowboysaddel

The saddle is quite neglected and dirty

Gammel cowboysaddel

Besides dirt, there is also mold on it

Dyr i Gammel cowboysaddel

The seat of suede has had an insect infestation

Cowboy saddel renses

We wash the saddle with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean. On the seat of suede, we use a coarse brush


Flot cowboysaddel

After treatment with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean the saddle looks much nicer

Ruskind er flot

Even the suede on the seat is nicely clean


Since the leather is dry and hard, it is necessary to use EFFEKT Leatherbalm

En ny saddel

The finished result – the treatment with EFFEKT Leatherbalm took approx. 15 min. and “cost” 16 gr. of EFFEKT Leatherbalm.

With a purchase price of dkr. 130,- for 200 gr. EFFEKT Leatherbalm, the treatment cost approx. 10 dkr. The cleaning with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean was slightly more expensive because the saddle was so dirty.