Incorrect care

Leather needs to be fed with anti-oxidants. Products which do not contain these, is at best not beneficial to the leather. At worst, it can destroy the leather. The following points are some known issues that you should definitely avoid:


  1. If you use too much grease in the regular care of your leatherproducts, the excess grease can result in either blotches (on aniline and nubuck) or in crackling of the surface (leathers with surface finish). It looks like wear, but is in fact cause by the fact, that excess grease settles between the finish layer and the leather so that the adhesion deteriorates and the finish comes off in small flakes. You should know that virtually all greases make leather soft, but the wrong products shortens the lifetime of the leather and the right extends it.


  1. Using the wrong cleaning agents can instead of preserving the leather contribute directly to destroying it. There are known examples where consumers have used perishable substances without antioxidants, such as lard or milk, which of course will accelerate the decay of the leather. Agents without the proper antioxidants are harmful to leather, to varying degrees depending on product composition. Soft soap or other alkaline detergents with a pH value far away from the skin’s ideal value of 6.8 should be avoided. Soft soap used for leather furniture, works as well as washing the car with hydrochloric acid. The pH value of leather is typically between 3.5 and 4, and therefore should the pH value for leathercare products be between 4 and 6. Finally, do not use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents like Ajax , chlorine or detergent , and you should avoid benzene, turpentine and alcohol. The rule of thumb is that you should not use a product that you would not also use on your own skin.


  1. Too frequent care wears on the furniture.


  1. The leather should not be soaked and not be permitted to dry in direct sunlight: By doing so you actually bring the leather to a “boil” and thereby damage the leather. You could soak the leather with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean, but there is no need to wash furniture leather more than necessary, as the moisture will continue into the padding. Also, you should bear in mind that the more humid the leather is, the less strength it has. So you should therefore never rub soaked leather extra hard. Doing so will “elongate” the leather and it will not fit on the furniture anymore (see point 6). Leather does not tolerate sunlight. Wet leather will degrade much more rapidly in the sunlight than dry leather.


  1. If you use detergent when cleaning your leatherproduct, you should not use any harsher agents than wool detergent and washing temperature should not be above 30 C



  1. You should never rub the surface of the leather very hard. Stains should be gently dabbed.


You should by now understand why you should not use pure neutral natural products like soap flakes, “natural balm”, margarine, milk, etc., but only products that contain the right anti-oxidants. Products manufactured and marketed by people / companies who know what they’re doing.
Therefore, use EFFEKT Leatherbalm and EFFEKTIV Care & Clean.