Soap flakes

What is the deal with soap flakes?

I have heard that I should use soap flakes or was it soft soap?

There is a lot of confusion about, what people seems to have heard at the furniture dealership or where ever it was said.

Soap flakes and soft soap are two very different i reation to leather care.

Using soft soap on leather furniture is the equivalent of washing your car with hydrochloric acid.

It is absolutely destructive to the leather.

Soap flakes are more harmless, almost all furniture dealerships considers it harmless, but this is not at all the case.

What is this nonsense? We have heard that soap flakes are the only right thing for leather furniture.

The problem is, that soap flakes has a wrong pH-value. It is an alkaline product with a pH-value of  9 – 9,5.

Leather on the other hand is almost exclusively acidic tanned with a general pH-value of approximately 5,0 or below.

If you know anything about chemistry, you will know that acid and alkali will neutralize each other, thus the soap flakes will with certainty ruin the chemistry of the leather and cause an imbalance.

Sofa behandlet med sæbespåner

Sofa behandlet med sæbespåner

In the picturs above it is shown how aniline leather reacts to soap flakes.

Leather treated with soap flakes may very well appear beautiful and soft, but the more you use an agent with the wrong pH-value, the more you shorten the lifespan of the leather, because the anti-oxidants a decomposes.

Someone might think that their mother has used soap flakes for 30 years on her furniture, and they appear to still be beautiful. How does that correlate with what is written above?

Previously – before the many environmental constraints – leather was tanned with approximately 16 % chromium and thus the leather had a large “account” of anti-oxidants. Today leather is tanned with approximately 3,5 % chromium, and this reduces the durability of the leather significantly.

As a consequence there is a greater need today of PROPER care of leather than previously. It is therefor important that you do not use leather care products with the wrong pH-value.

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