What to use

EFFEKTIV Care & Clean is used when:

  • Your leather articles are too sensitive to be treated with EFFEKT Leatherbalm
  • Your leather articles are too dirty to use EFFEKT Leatherbalm efficiently
  • You have clothing, footwear or furniture made ​​of suede, nubuck or aniline
  • Your clothing, jacket, motorcycle suit or riding breeches smells too much of human”
  • Your shoes are combinations of leather / suede / nubuck / rubber / plastic / textile
  • You‘ve got too much EFFEKT Leatherbalm on your shoes (because you forgot to wash the sponge)
  • You have got EFFEKT Leatherbalm on a product on which it does not belong
  • You have got a “wrong” or an “unfortunate” care product on your leather products
  • You want to clean the leather in depth.

EFFEKTIV Care & Clean is ”foolproof” – You can not actually do anything wrong with it

EFFEKT Leatherbalm is used on smooth leather when:

  • Your shoes of smooth leather needs to look decent again
  • Your new shoes should be protected
  • Your furniture is thirsty”
  • Your furniture is faded
  • Your furniture is crackled
  • Your leather clothing is scratched or faded
  • Your bag no longer looks like new
  • Your riding equipment needs care
  • Your motorcycle suit of leather must be cared for and cleaned
  • Your golf shoes have lost color or needs cleaning
  • The dashboard of your car needs freshening
  • You will clean the surface of the leather

When using both products, you should always start with using EFFEKTIV Care & Clean. When the object is dry, you can apply EFFEKT Leatherbalm.

However, one must keep in mind that certain articles of clothing,handbags and shoes are finished with various waxes or other agents that give them a special appearance. These agents may come off the first time you treat them, no matter if it is a chemical leather wash, EFFEKT Leatherbalm, EFFEKTIV Care & Clean or any other agent.
It does NOT mean that you have destroyed your leather, but that you have changed the appearance of it.

To avoid surprises, which you may later regret, always try the agent (no matter which agent) on an inconspicuous spot first!