Salt rendering and blotches

About salt rendering in footwear

Nobody likes salt rendering on or in their shoes because it looks ugly.

BUT: the majority of salt rendering does not occur because of salt from the road, but from the tanning salts contained in the leather, and which are necessary for the durability of the leather.

How does salt rendering appear ?

They appear when the footwear has been wet – and especially semi-wet, and it again dries up. The salt rendering appears  in the transition between wet and dry.

 Immediately you will see salt deposits on the outside of the shoes, but when you have removed the salt with EFFEKT Leatherbalm, you can  often also see a “boil-up” of the leather, which comes from tanning salts and these will never go away again


How do you avoid them?

By washing the footwear with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean before the footwear is dry, thus avoiding salt rendering and blotches. The sooner the better result.

Never dry shoes with excessive heat or sunlight.

Salt rendering from road salt is easily removed with EFFEKT Leatherbalm.


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Blotches in furniture leather

If your leather furniture is not very robust, i.e. has a very strong surface protection, you will get ugly blotches i your furniture, when something is spilled in the sofa. If the stain is allowed to dry, it is nearly impossible to remove the following blotch.

Always have EFFEKTIV Care & Clean  available. When the damage is done, you can easily wash the stain with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean. You should of course remove as much of the stain as possible with a paper towel, vacuum cleaner or a cloth before treating it with EFFEKTIV Care & Clean.

Only with this method you can avoid getting blotches in your leather furniture when accidents like that happen.