Why maintain

Did you know that 80% of all claims in respect of furniture leather seems to be excused by or becomes the consumer’s responsibility? To avoid your furniture being among these 80%, you should know the following:

The four main factors that affect the furniture’s life is:

Light energy / Sunlight
Strong heat

Leather decomposes in the same way as almost all other meat, fish, milk, wood, fruit and bread etc.
Once the process is started it accelerates rappidly.

It’s like when an apple is starting to get rotten (decomposed), then there is no turning back. If the apple stays together with other apples, they will also be infected.
To prevent this oxidation as it is called you need to add anti-oxidants. The tannin in the leather is an anti-oxidant which specifically prevents the leather from decomposing.
These tannins “is used up” as the leather is burdened with pollution, sunlight and wear.
To extend the time before the leather decomposes, you should be adding more anti-oxidants (found in EFFEKT Leatherbalm and EFFEKTIV Care & Clean)

There are many reasons why maintenance of leather furniture should get increased attention:
Previously the chrome percentage of leather was approximately 16%, now it is approximately 3,5%.
The low chromium% results in the leather having a shorter lifespan that can only be extended with the proper care and adding the right anti-oxidants.
The same environmental restrictions, which have resulted in the low chromium% in leather has also made it harder for tanneries to rinse the hides after coloring. One must therefore expect more excess dye in leather and skins in the future.

The ozone layer is depleted and the problem of sunlight on upholstery is increased very seriously. The primary effect of sunlight on leather is that it breaks down the color of the leather (it pales).

The best advice is therefore: keep sunlight away from the furniture.
The most useful advice: think carefully about the placement of your furniture and treat them with the products from EFFEKTIV according to instructions.

People’s habits have changed: now it is common to eat with TV entertainment. This change in habit means that it is no longer uncommon to get grease from french fries, sweat and other contamination in the living room furniture.  All this contamination requires cleanliness and supply of anti-oxidants.

This is done best with EFFEKT Leatherbalm and EFFEKTIV Care & Clean.
How often to treat depends on the exposure of light, pollution, wear and heat.

Just like washing your clothes, you decide how often your leather furniture needs care, as it is only yourself that knows how much they are exposed.